So after the previous article regarding Hefferon’s wiping the slate clean of all ReBoot history, you may not be all to excited for this news, and I don’t blame you. However news arrives and reports are made.

Just out this afternoon, a press release from Corus Entertainment finally gives us an exact date of TGC’s debut. March 30th worldwide via Netflix. That is unless you’re in Canada, sometime in June on YTV is your premiere date. Ironically, the end of March 2017 was when YTV made their tweet about the “best news ever” which was certainly not taken as such by almost 600 angry ReBoot fans.

If you’re new to all this here’s how the press release describes TGC:

ReBoot: The Guardian Code is a thrilling hybrid live-action/CG-animated original series following the journey of four teenagers, Austin, Parker, Tamra, and Trey. On their first day at Alan Turning High, these unsuspecting teens discover they’ve been preselected to become the Next-Generation Guardians of Cyberspace with a mission to save the world – by defending it in cyberspace. With the help of VERA, ReBoot’s heroes digitize into cyberspace where they use their code-based powers to combat viruses unleashed by a merciless hacker. Known only as ‘Sourcerer’, this devious hacker seeks to rule the world by controlling cyberspace, and it’s up to the Guardians to stop him.

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(Click on the image above to read it via PDF)

From CMPA’s recently published Indiescreen magazine (Winter 2018 edition), comes a new interview with Michael Hefferon.

What he says contradicts much of what he said 5 years ago when I spoke with him directly and other interviews over the years.

For example:

The show we eventually created is certainly inspired by the original ReBoot, but I don’t think of it as a ReBoot reboot. Rather, we tried to imagine that ReBoot had never been made, and we were making it for the first time for today’s audience.

Which not only goes against “The ReBoot we all know and love WON’T be tossed aside!”, but acts as a clear indicator that this has ZERO continuation with the original. They’re presenting this series as if it were the very first and only show to have the name “ReBoot”. Not only that but his statement about how “It’s a fine balance between appeasing fans of old, getting networks to agree” was a total farce. Fans of the original aren’t even the slightest factor in TGC’s creation and development. They’re throwing away everything you love about the original into the trash. Not one episode out of any of total of forty seven you watched and enjoyed, has any impact on what is to come in TGC. So folks, you can stop wasting your time crafting theories as to how TGC connects to the original, because it doesn’t. Or what character development over four seasons/47 episodes will be present in this series… it’s all out the window.

YTV also wanted a show with co-viewing appeal, so we wanted to reach kids but also hook parents and older siblings. So we went with a live action–animation hybrid, to expand our audience range by making characters and topics more relatable, because the characters are real kids dealing with the fallout of the cyberverse.

Right, so even though he claims that he “loved” the original, he’s completely forgotten (willfully) that even the early seasons appealed to a wide range of ages. Of course when the show switched to more mature storytelling in Season 3, older fans were even more hooked, but it didn’t alienate any younger newcomers. Justifying the live-action portion as a way to expand the range of the audience, is complete and utter BS.

And while it was an amazing show, I think the biggest thing to come out of it was the CG pipeline—the technology that was used to make it.

So…. that’s the biggest takeaway of the show? Not the unique cast of characters, not the story that didn’t return to “status quo” at the end of the episode, not the character development over multiple story arcs, not the widely creative and elaborate stories….. but the CG-pipeline? The technology behind the show?

In fact, a lot of industry people told me, “Don’t make ReBoot the first project you develop.” But whenever someone tells me not to do something… well, let’s just say I love a challenge.

Arrogant, much?

I’d also like to quote Hefferon from an interview conducted by Arielle Duhaime-Ross for The Verge in 2015:

For me, what is important is kid empowerment. I have a son. My son wants to be Austin (one of the four teens in the new series). He wants to be a Guardian. That’s what I want to do with it. I want to basically inspire kids, and adults. [This is] what the live-action element allowed us to do. We couldn’t do that if [the action] all stayed within a device.

Well folks, here’s the thing… His son doesn’t just want to be Austin, his son IS Austin. I mean it. Literally! Michael Hefferon’s son is named… Austin. Remember that the casting call specifically wanted a Caucasian actor for that role. So with that in mind, take a moment and ponder this question: Is “The Guardian Code” Michael Hefferon’s own personal fan-fic starring a grown-up version of his son? Was this made just to entertain his kid, and in order to get it produced, he attached the ReBoot brand to this, so he could fool everyone (fans of the original and network executives alike) into buying into this re-imagining? If you’re answer is “But isn’t it adorable that he’d make a show just to give his son a strong role-model?”, consider the simple fact that there was nothing stopping him from making a “Austin’s Awesome Adventures” series on it’s own without dragging ReBoot into it.

You can read the full interview in text bellow:

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After 20 days of being deactivated for what Rainmaker claimed to be “updates”, Rainmaker’s official Facebook page for ReBoot: The Guardian Code came back up tonight.

As of this article’s publication at 4AM EST:


If you still support Rainmaker somehow… just look at the facts, they LIED to multiple fans asking why the page was down.

Now, all that said…. there is a possibility that as the day progresses updates will be implemented. However that doesn’t excuse the fact that updates can be done while a page is deactivated. Certainly after twenty full days, to go back online without anything new? That alone says Rainmaker had no issue in lying when questioned as to why the page was taken offline without warning.

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So that still image of Hex was pretty neat, eh? Of course video would be even better right? Well fortunately for you all, I found more than just that image. Completely exclusive to, the first ever video of Megabyte and Hexadecimal in ReBoot: The Guardian Code. However the readme of fate is a complex program indeed…. a video leaked, but it’s “censored” by a sheet of paper. Thankfully it’s a nice thin piece of paper, so some of the details still get through.

If you’re wondering why the viruses are suddenly speaking Spanish, it’s not an upgrade that’s enabled them to be bilingual, but the fact that this leak comes from dubbing over in Argentina.

Translated their dialog is:

Megabyte: …to do, before I… I mean, we… completely take over cyberspace.

Hexadecimal: Hmm, I like the sound of that. (laughing)

Now you’ll probably see (what you can) of Megabyte and say “…that doesn’t look like the Megabyte I remember”, and you’re right. It doesn’t resemble his Season 1-3 design, or his web-degraded Season 4 design. He now is primarily black, with hints of red, bronze, and possibly silver. The green viral skull insignia also appears to a degree, but isn’t as it once was. Also he seems to be holding a scepter for some reason. So that doesn’t look anything we’ve seen before, however it does look just like the Megabyte seen in the (also leaked) image of the Sourcerer and a hologram (or whatever it is) of Megabyte.

At the very end of the leaked footage, we see the start of the spinning logo that was used as a cover video on the (still presently deactivated) ReBoot: The Guardian Code Facebook Page run by Rainmaker:

Did you notice the timestamp? 00:21:18.986 That’s the END of whatever episode this is. The source of this leak had “ultimo Episodio” in it’s description, which translated is “last episode”. The last episode for TGC is supposedly “Black Hole”.

Could…The Guardian Code….end….on….a….cliffhanger?!

If you’re hoping for more leaks, well I may be the barer of bad news. This will likely not happen again as about an hour after I posted about Hex, both the image and video were deleted from their source.

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Exclusive to ReBoot Revival, a leaked photo showcasing Hexadecimal, the Queen of Chaos!

Ironically, the first familiar face we see from “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” is a character who has had both many faces and appearances throughout the original four seasons. As her design in TGC is nearly identical to her Season 1 depiction, the connection between TGC and the original series is made clear. This does not pick up where Season 4 left off!

As a refresher, this is what Hex looked like during her final appearance in the 4th season:

Further separating the two shows, are what appear to be multiple minions, similar in design to Hack & Slash yet black in color, standing (hovering?) in two rows beside Hexadecimal. There were only two bumbling henchmen in the original, they were red and blue respectively, and they belonged (up until mid-way in the third season) to Megabyte. So what are these things? What happened to Scuzzy? We’ll just have to wait and see!

So she looks like Hex…. but does she sound like Hex? It’s still unknown if Shirley Millner has reprised her role as Hexadecimal.

Now as for the text above her stating “Property of Netflix”, well that would certainly help confirm that the show will be on the streaming service outside of Canada.

Now you might be saying “First? What about Megabyte?”, and yes we did get a glimpse of what appeared to be Megabyte last year, but it wasn’t very clear, and he doesn’t exactly look like either his Season 1 or Season 4 design.

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The error above is what you’ll currently see when you try to go to the official ReBoot: The Guardian Code page run by Rainmaker. It was deactivated earlier on today. As none of their ReBoot websites (,, and are up, they’ve effectively killed the only source of information direct from the company. This does not bode well for an upcoming series that’s had very little promotion and is expected to (potentially) debut in a month.

It’s possible the page was deactivated to implement updates, however as of yesterday evening, the Admins of that page were caught deleting legitimate questions which asked when ReBoot: TGC would be released. The timing between the two events is clearly too closely linked to dismiss.

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So we’re one day away from February, yet Rainmaker hasn’t done anything on the promotional front for for “ReBoot: The Guardian Code”. It’s now 5 months since they last made a post on their TGC Facebook page and they’ve stopped responding to comments left on the few posts there. If the series premieres in February, as was presumed from Vincent De Paula’s site (though he later removed it), were they just going to sit around and do nothing to promote it (not that this is uncommon for Rainmaker, they’ve failed to keep up hype countless times)?

I may have found out why they’re still silent. Both Ty Wood (Austin/Vector on TGC) and Sydney Scotia (Tamara/Engima on TGC), recently updated their Instagram profiles with a very interesting date: March 2018

Both actors must have a reason to now add that date to their profiles. Surely they’re privy to information that the general public has yet to learn.

So what happened to February? Rainmaker might have encountered delays in post-production, or February wasn’t a solid date and De Paula really screwed up badly when he updated his site (note that none of the other titles were then edited to display “COMING ON NETFLIX FEBRUARY 2018”). Whether or not this applies to both YTV and Netflix, or if Netflix is off the table (if so, there’s been no word on what channel it’ll air on outside of Canada), is presently an unknown.

So far, my attempts to gain any information on the subject of a release date, what network beyond YTV will air it, and when we should expect to see it promoted (more than the handful of images released so far, a teaser, etc), have gone unanswered by Rainmaker.

Another Rainmaker title, “Spy Kids: Mission Critical” (another Michael Hefferon creation) was supposed to premiere in January on Netflix. With a single day left in the month, it has yet to do so. Both productions being behind in schedule wouldn’t be too surprising at this point.

Speaking of Netflix, I came across what appears to be Ty Wood’s new personal site. There’s not really much to see… but looking beneath the exterior provides some interesting finds:

Opting to use “Netflix” over “YTV” would be a curious choice if the series wasn’t planned to air on the streaming service.

I’ll continue to keep my eyes open for any and all news that comes out. If March is indeed the month TGC will premiere, one can only assume that Rainmaker will be making an official announcement sooner than later.

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The most recent review of Rainmaker on Glassdoor isn’t very positive.

The former contractor closes his review with the following advice to management: “Don’t let another Ratchet and Clank or Reboot (rebooted) happen again.”

What could that mean? Not only did the Ratchet & Clank movie receive generally poor reviews, it was a huge failure financially (rather than own up to the film’s faults, Michael Hefferon blamed competing Disney movies), which resulted in a $10 million loss for Rainmaker.

Even before it’s debut, is “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” already considered a failure within the company?

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A happy belated new year to you all! On this day one year ago, the website received a 404 placeholder graphic, which remains in place as of today. The copyright still denotes 2017, rather than 2018, which is a pretty good indication that it hasn’t been touched since the new year. Over the course of 2017, we had our first look at the live-action cast of both the heroes and villains for “ReBoot: The Guardian Code”, was scrapped after being inactive for over 3 years, information leaked. Rainmaker also surprised us by setting up an official ReBoot: TGC Facebook page, but of no surprise to anyone; swiftly began banning (in doing so deleting any record of the comments) people for “unfavorable” comments left toward TGC (important to note that the page hasn’t made a single post since August 30th 2017).

With the premiere of TGC steadily approaching, Rainmaker has not made any further promotions of their series, and it’s unknown if and/or when they’ll start showing off teasers and announce official air-dates.

Also in 2017 website domains such as:

Were registered by Wow Unlimited Media Inc. (of which Rainmaker is a subsidiary) but feature nothing more than a “This website is under development.” placeholder. When will these sites go live? Will they just redirect to When will display something other than a 404 and will it even feature anything about the original series? Only time will tell.

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news, we now have confirmation of what month TGC will air: February. This comes from Vincent De Paula’s cinematography page (a source of “leaks”; see here and here). Worth noting is the absence of YTV, and the mention of Netflix. It’s known that YTV will carry the show in Canada, but it would appear that in the United States (and perhaps other countries) no TV network signed on to broadcast the series, so Rainmaker made a deal with Netflix instead. At present it is unknown if it will also be available on Netflix in Canada. That said, February is likely to be the month it will premiere on YTV as well. Keep checking back for further confirmation and a solid premiere date.

There’s also some irony in having to resort to Netflix for TGC. In 2015, Hefferon had said:

“For the year before I came up with what the new concept, I talked with people. I talked with broadcasters around the world. The one [resounding] thing — and I hate to break it to the fans — was nobody wanted the reboot of what [the show originally] was. Nobody was willing to buy it.”

I’ve always questioned that claim, but the obvious answer to keeping the show as it was (beyond bringing the original co-creators on board), was to go straight to Netflix if no traditional networks wanted it.

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