A list of roles has appeared on ExploreTalent.com giving us more insight on what the primary characters of “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” will be like:

Audition Description

ReBoot: The Guardian Code is a live-action/CG animated action comedy series about four teenagers who discover on their first day of high school that they’ve been selected to become the Next Generation Guardians of Cyberspace.

Role #1 – Austin

The Skater Dude (In an ideal world, we would love to find someone that is an avid skater). Austin is cool, smart and capable but somewhat aloof and detached. Always moving, never still, Austin is a natural athlete with terrific reflexes, interested in individual pursuits and extreme sports. He’s not team oriented at all. Still dealing with his father’s sudden death a year ago, Austin masks his grief behind his wisecracking, carefree persona and doesn’t want to talk about it – at all. Ever. Austin is a natural leader, he just doesn’t know it yet, and isn’t ready to accept that kind of responsibility. His best friend is Parker. They’ve been like brothers since they were little kids. Austin teases Parker, but he always has his back and knows that Parker has his.

Talent specs:
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 15 – 16
Body Type: Athletic

Role #2 – Parker

The Techno-Geek. Innovative and daring, Parker is an avid gamer and prides himself on being an A+ student, excelling in math and science. He skipped a grade, has a bit of a superior attitude about being so smart, and he’s sometimes impatient when others don’t catch on quickly enough. When Parker likes something he is excitable and enthusiastic, but he can also be judgmental of things he doesn’t like. Ultimately, Parker wants to fit in, be respected and appreciated, but he also likes being different. It’s become part of his identity, a badge he wears proudly. He’s often awkward, not fully understanding social cues. Parker looks up to Austin but he’s not afraid to challenge him if he doesn’t agree with his point of view.

Talent specs:
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 14 – 15

Role #3 – Tamra

The Social Media Maven. Tamra is an intense, opinionated, alt chick. But under her edgy, sarcastic exterior she is actually quite sensitive, open and empathetic. Her YouTube channel gives her a voice and a means to share her thoughts and feelings. She enjoys having an online following but isn’t so thrilled when people recognize her in person. She’s not after fame, she just wants to engage. Tamra is into music, video games, and has a purple belt in karate. She has a strong sense of right and wrong and doesn’t trust people who are dishonest and manipulative.

Talent specs:
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 15 – 16
Body Type: Athletic

Role #4 – Grey

The Jock. Big, athletic and strong, Grey’s a terrific football player, although deep down he doesn’t care for it that much. But he always tries to please so he sticks with the sport at which he excels. A fitness nut, he’s always exercising; push ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, whatever. He comes from a military family, and has a tough “drill sergeant” father. While he’s highly competitive, he’s also fair and supportive. The exception to that rule is when rules aren’t followed. Then Grey can be harsh. He needs structure and likes things planned and by the book.

Talent specs:
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Any
Age: 15 – 16

Role #5 – Vera

Attractive. V.E.R.A. (Virtual Evolutionary Recombinant Avatar) was designed as an adaptive construct with one purpose; to train and mentor the Next Generation Guardians. Her programmer didn’t want her getting distracted, so he programmed her to be focused and determined. But once she’s 3-D bioprinted as a 15-year-old girl, some of her programming is altered, and she becomes more easily distracted. But Vera is a multitasking marvel, exploring all the fascinating aspects of this world and figuring out who she wants to be, while making sure the Guardians fulfill their mandate to protect and defend cyberspace. As an odd duck new human, Vera will provide a lot of comedic relief.

Talent specs:
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian
Age: 15 – 16

How do you feel about these characters? Sound off in the comments below!

Note: Original co-creators Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, and Phil Mitchell are not involved in “The Guardian Code”.

June 4th, 2016 at 12:33 am
17 Responses to “Casting call reveals details on “The Guardian Code” main characters”
  1. waterstealer Says:


  2. SorryCanadian Says:

    So sad and safe, so this cast is some sort of power ranger archetype.
    It looks like it’s going to be a lame kids show (one of those CG show where kids power-up and go into computer/video game/another world … )

    I hope the series has a story arc or 2, but it’s probably going to be episodic & talk down to kids.
    Opposite of the spirit of the original ReBoot

  3. dolan606 Says:

    Jesus wept.

  4. Solaar Says:

    ReBoot: 1994-2001 RIP We shall never see your like again

  5. Demetrius Says:

    It seems to be the worst thing ever. The original serie will never come back (RIP Hexadecimal).

    I’m french and i watched this serie when i was 6 years old, and i feel so sad.

  6. Guardian Garblits Says:

    It’s so fucking stupid. I’m glad we’ll see classic characters but will it really even matter with the direction this series seems to be taking? Dumbed down for young viewers and just won’t have the same spirit as the original. RIP

  7. Ranuel Says:

    This sounds like a Tron ripoff and nothing to do with Reboot except the name. What made Reboot great wasn’t the concept (although that was pretty cool) it was the characters. You had a capable business woman as the main character (not another white teenage boy), you got to see what happened to children who grow up in a war. Hex was such a fascinating villain, very like Drusilla on Buffy, who was more insane than evil.

    These new characters sound very bland and cliche, although I will give you some points for what may be a diverse cast. I want the further (or retold) adventures of Matrix and AndreIA. I want to see what Mouse it up to. With the new VR tech the characters could easily interact with the Player if you insist on a “real world” connection. I’m sure it’s too late to keep this train wreck from happening so maybe we’ll get a decent box set of the original at least.

  8. AmiDarkfield Says:

    What I have read, it has nothing to do with the original. How the original ReBoot was, is what we fans want. I think maybe rewatching the original series needs to be done, so you people can get a feel of how the show was. I loved the original and always will. However, I don’t think I will like this reboot of the show, it just feels too much like it’s trying to copy or be like some other shows. We want the original back, or something as close as can be. Like redoing the original then having more episodes. What you have got here has nothing to do with ReBoot. Leave the real world out of this. I liked the concept of sprites and viruses living in a cyberworld, it made it more fun and interesting. Guardian sprites going into gamecubes to beat the player and saving mainframe. The villians like Megabyte and Hexadecimal were so amazing. This new rendition doesn’t have that feel the original show had. I don’t think anyone will watch the this show since it has nothing to do with the original

  9. GlitchBobGlitchBob Says:

    Ranuel you’re in luck! A full DVD set from seasons 1-4 was released about 5 years ago: https://www.rebootrevival.com/?p=662

  10. Gmikoner Says:

    If this doesn’t continue from the original and include all the original characters, believe me, from the bottom of my heart of hearts, this will be a bigger failure than the new Ghostbusters movie. Don’t do it man… don’t do it to all the loyal fans old and new… don’t wreck something great jumping on the hype bandwagon. Enough of our childhoods have been stomped on by the likes of Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Total Recall, Robocop, GI Joe… do I need to go on? Do it right or don’t do it at all. From what I’ve read you need to call this something else or come up with a better idea here cuz pandering to idiots isn’t going to work here. There are millions of fans of the old series out there. Please don’t disappoint them with contrived hashtag jokes and selfies for the love of god. Don’t make them “nerdy” or “edgy” or “hip”… bring back the old characters that actually had personalities with strengths and weaknesses and depth. None of them were classified or labeled as “Skater dude” or “Hipster” or whatever… You’ve missed the mark so far here and I’m far from impressed. Upgrade Mainframe ffs… Make it 1000 times bigger and more detailed… but continue from the original.

  11. Gmikoner Says:

    Looking for an attractive 15-16 year old Asian sex robot are ya? hmm? are ya? Yeah this show… fuck this bullshit.

  12. AStormz Says:

    it does seem rather disappointing. it would be nice for a continuation since there was a huge cliff hanger like idk 16 years ago. it would be great to see it continue from where it left off then maybe have the User update the entire mainframe making it bigger adding in the new places and some new sprites/viruses but leave the outside world out of it. one of the things i loved most about reboot was that the User who lived outside the mainframe and dropped the games. they had no knowledge of the world of the User just that there was one. to me the only way i can see this going will be these teenagers are going to spend 29 episodes trying to find out the identity of the User and that will pretty much destroy the mystery of the original reboot. you know the User is obviously human but the fact it always remained in mainframe in a way left the User a mystery. Another issue is that the Guardians came from the super computer not the real world. it really feels like this is just some cheap knock off to make money not an honest try at rebooting Reboot

  13. Guardian_452 Says:

    It’s a COMPLETE disaster. No respect for the fans!

  14. GlitchBobGlitchBob Says:

    I agree.

  15. Tekovince Says:

    Well, I haven’t checked this site in a while. I’m one of those people who wants to give the Reboot Reboot a chance… but after seeing the photos and now reading this…

    Instead of actually writing REAL characters, they just picked 5 generic labels and copy/pasted the descriptions. How can someone even write this and be considered a writer? Did they even hire a writer?

    Social Media girl? make her athletic. Skater guy? Also Athletic. The Athletic jock guy? Guess he also has to be athletic. The Bioprinted girl/A.I. thing? hm…….. “Attractive”.

    What kind of description of someone’s personality is that!?! “Attractive”, that’s what you start with? First word of the character’s description. What does that even mean? Attractive to who? I find freckles attractive, is she gonna have freckles?
    I find it attractive when someone is excited about gaining new scientific knowledge, does that mean this will be part of her personality? Are we supposed to guess what the writer finds attractive?! ARG!

    But, even after all that… I’m still gonna wait and see. Maybe the writer they hired to write the actual script managed to really develop these characters… maybe we’ll get lucky and some of them will develop in unpredictable ways as the story progresses… maybe the Chemistry teacher will join in but then they’ll find out he was making and selling meth so they’ll have to kick him off the team.

    Honestly the proper way to deal with “the User” somehow communicating with mainframe would be to have her/him meet the reboot characters, preferably they find a way to communicate with the user. Then the user finds out that they’ve murdered hundreds of sprites/binomes and then finally explains to the reboot people why they input games. Finally… Bob finds out.

  16. Bonklefan99 Says:

    Reminds me of the briefs for the Toa Masters in Bionicle G2:

    Tahu; Brash but forgetful
    Onua; Wise and sleepy
    Kopaka; Austere but clumsy
    Pohatu; Stoic but grumpy
    Gali; Just but awkward
    Lewa; Impetuous wisecrack

    I can see how boiling a character down to a label or two isn’t exactly satisfying for the audience, especially given what they’ve been shown before. Just like the original ReBoot, Bionicle G1 had characters that were regarded as more nuanced and complex by their fans. This disparity contributed to the downfall of G2, especially since Lego didn’t give the Toa time to develop into complex characters.

    Lewa G1, for example, was like his G2 counterpart, but after a few close calls, was chastened a bit. Hopefully Rainmaker and the other people in charge will have more time and the will to develop their characters like Bionicle G2 was denied the chance to, although in my opinion they’re already at least on par with the G2 Toa Masters, underdeveloped but still having some potential. Just don’t expect the nuanced writing of the old days; “times change and so must we,” even if it’s not what we like.

    Comment will be split due to length.

  17. Bonklefan99 Says:

    Is The Guardian Code a disgrace to ReBoot? That is a matter of subjectivity, but clearly it is not a continuation in any way, and it is definitely not intended to please the old guard. Why, then, are some people so disappointed about it? Sure, kids these days might be more perceptive and sophisticated than Rainmaker gives them credit for, and might not appreciate the apparent shallowness of the writing, but you don’t see them complaining. Sure, they could be stewing privately, but Rainmaker will find out the day of the premiere if they don’t like it.

    Rainmaker doesn’t owe US anything. It is THEIR show and they don’t HAVE to do anything we tell them. Sure, if we asked nicely they MIGHT listen, but fat lot of good that did Bionicle’s fans, signing petitions when Lego was only focusing on the mass market. Rainmaker sold out, and whether we like it or not, we have to accept that they are the ones in charge. We aren’t as big as, say, dare I mention it, the MLP:FIM fanbase, and look at the number of shoutouts they got.

    In the end, we have to accept that the old ReBoot is gone forever, like a piece of data marked as deleted and overwritten. I will leave you with this quote, “of which
    may serve for a motto and brief description of our now
    concluded legend; so sombre is it…”

    “Everything has its time and everything ends.”


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