Just days after the official ReBoot website returned online with a simple 404 error, an updated 404 page currently greets visitors.

If one clicks the “info” button, a simple “Currently ReBooting the ReBoot website, please check back later.” message is present. However the loading graphic utilizes hexagons, a shape used abundantly in “The Guardian Code” DCCG prototype demo (click here for a screenshot) and the logo for “The Guardian Code”.


Rainmaker (which was recently rebranded as “Wow Unlimited Media Inc.” after acquisition of Frederator Networks) has not made any comment on the site’s downtime.

January 5th, 2017 at 10:59 pm
One Response to “ReBoot.com – Updated 404”
  1. pompeu2004 Says:

    YEY i am a teen and that means i never saw ReBoot on TV but i saw all seasons and i love it and i want Reboot Guardian Code in my TV


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