You may have seen the following article up titled Early CG TV show gets “ReBoot”:

By Carolyn Giardina

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – “ReBoot,” one of the earliest computer-animated episodic TV series, will be redeveloped as a trilogy of feature-length films by Rainmaker Animation.

Originally produced in 1994, the series centered on life within a computer, where good forces fought invading viruses and videogames were viewed from within.

“ReBoot” was created by MainFrame Entertainment, which was acquired by and renamed Rainmaker in 2006. The show aired for several seasons on ABC, YTV and Cartoon Network.

“The idea is to relaunch the brand in a new way,” said Rainmaker Animation executive vice president Paul Gertz, who will oversee the project.

To do this, Rainmaker has entered into a strategic alliance with Zeros 2 Heroes, a Web site set to launch Monday (July 23) to provide a social network for comic book fans.

Five undiscovered writers chosen by Rainmaker were selected to work with the animation studio’s production teams to prepare a pitch for the new “ReBoot” story line. These will be posted on the Zeros 2 Heroes site Thursday (July 26), the opening day of San Diego Comic-Con International. Those who visit the site will be able to work with each production team to help refine the ideas for “ReBoot” and later vote and select a favorite pitch. The brainstorming environment is what the site calls “Think Ups.”

A Web-based comic, based on the selected story, will be published this year. Production on the features will commence at that time.

“‘ReBoot’s’ legions of fans have been incredibly loyal and continue to keep the property alive on dozens of fan sites,” Gertz said. “We’re very enthusiastic about how we’re reconceiving this classic series by creating an innovative way for those fans — who were kids when the series started — to use new technology to help guide us.”

Zeros 2 Heroes president Matt Toner sees the Internet as a democratizing medium. “It takes away gatekeepers,” he said. “We want to connect the fans with the producers … and let them determine what the next hits will be. When it comes to long-standing genre entertainment properties, the fans are the real experts.”

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Now what does this all mean for this site and the fans? It means that instead of mass mailing Cartoon Network, or other TV networks we’re going to be fully supporting Rainmaker and Zeros 2 Heroes! This is ReBoot’s big chance to come back and we have our say in it! The Revival site will also serve as a “refresher course” for those who haven’t watched ReBoot in many years.

I’ve met with both Paul Gertz and Matt Toner, along with other representatives of Rainmaker Entertainment, and I can tell you all they are serious about doing this right. They want the fans to have their say because they want to make sure there are no dissapointed fans because we’ll be telling them every step of the way what we want to see our show become!

Please register on the Zeros2Heroes website so you may voice your opinions, concerns, submit fan art and fanfics (you may win prizes too!).

This is the first BIG step for ReBoot, we have to give it our all…..If ReBoot doesn’t turn out the way the fans want it, will be the fault of the fans for not coming together to make their voices heard!

July 24th, 2007 at 11:21 pm
36 Responses to “ReBoot Is Coming Back!!!!”
  1. Berserk Says:

    YES YES YES!!!

  2. fox Says:

    Oh my god I can’t believe it!!!! We’ve done it! REBOOT IS BACK! 😀 I’m so freaking happy!

    I reread it and now I’m concerned. “Redeveloped,” “relaunch the brand”? It sounds like they aren’t going to continue “the hunt” but it almost sounds like they are going to redo the entire show?

  3. garethhero Says:

    yeah good point, they really need to make sure they tie up the loose ends if anything. ah well i guess thats what the messageboard is for. Well it opens tomorrow and then we get our say! This is something that ive been waiting for for so long. REBOOT FOREVER!!!!

  4. Toby7 Says:

    I’ve recently saw the news on the Java Hut. I’m still shaking now…
    I thought I would have to wait many, many years for this day! Not just six or so years! This really does seem tooooo good to be true!
    The whole thing sounds like an excellent idea! Giving the fans the chance to voice their opinion! Wow, I can’t even write a flippin sentence without putting an exclamation mark at the end!!! Cause that’s how I ‘m feeling right now! Absolutely ecstatic! ReBoot forever!!

  5. Shadow Guardian Says:

    I can’t believe it is actually coming back. WOAH!
    On my first read I thought this was cool but, it sounds to me like its going to be an actual “Reboot” like the new BSG.

    Of course this isn’t as good as a new series or ending to the current story arc, “The Hunt”

    Hopefully it only means they will be using brand new graphics and effects instead of a whole new story.

  6. Lt. Chauncy Says:


  7. Shadow Guardian Says:

    Sorry to double comment but I was on the Zero 2 Heros site and I found this:

    “Rainmaker wanted to start with a clean slate and approach the story with no preconceptions.”

    This means no end to the series 4 cliffhanger were Megs returned.

  8. The Red Snifit Says:

    More ReBoot = More awesomeness… Even if we don’t find out what happened during “the Hunt.”

  9. Dacian Says:

    I CAN’T F’N BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!! When we started this, I thought it was going to be like something with maybe getting a comic out like Buffy and Angel, I had no idea we’d actually start to accomplish what we set out to do! Only problem I have with this news is, will they be Ebisodes only?

  10. GlitchBob Says:

    Well Shadow Guardian, zeros2heroes is the first BIG step, then later on with the three films (which may or may not be done all depending on how many fans actually partcipate with this) then we MAY see the Hunt.

  11. Radius Vector Says:

    Now this is a big pile of awesome. It’s great to see that the spirited determination of all the long-time fans is coming to fruition. All I can say is that if they bring Hex back, I’ll be happy. This is so exciting!

  12. Dacian Says:

    Good point GB. I’m not sure we ever will though, at least not in video format, even though the fans are ok with Megabyte being played by a different VA, Mainframe…I mean Rainmaker my not want to use MB without Tony Jay.

  13. Dacian Says:

    Sorry for the double post, but do you think we’ll see anything about it tomorrow at Comic-Con?

  14. GlitchBob Says:

    You should, Zeros2Heroes will be there and that is the day the site fully launches (though they are still working on it as I type this).

  15. garethhero Says:

    I like the way the show went after the second series, the more dark they went the better the storylines. i hope this continues. and i hope to see an uber posting on zeroes fto request a conclusion to the hunt by all!!lol all in god fun obviously! we all want to get closure on that one. Whatever happens i am so glad its back!!!Reboot Forever!!!!

  16. LordTweak Says:

    Only one word can truly describe my joy when I first read that, alphanumeric. This will hopefully lead to a close of the hunt story arc, as the series is being brought back in other multimedia. Comic books, a movie trilogy, I am really hoping that all of this leads to a continuation of the original story sooner or later, as this show has an amazingly devoted and passionate fanbase. Viva la Reboot revolution!

  17. lllSilencerlll Says:

    I watched this show growing up and I am excited to see it come back, but one of the reasons I kept watching was because of the characters. I really thought they developed each and every character very well throughout the entire show…

    I’ll keep an open mind for what’s coming however I’ve always wanted to see more ReBoot to find out what happens to everyone in the current continuity, not a new one.

  18. ReliReli Says:

    I’m still buzzed with astonished glee when I saw the headline. I can’t believe this has all happened so fast! If RainMaker says there’ll be this much fan interaction, nobody can really say what isn’t possible. *fingers crossed*

    A wave of nostalgia all the way from ’94 making a comeback in movie format sounds A-OK to me!

  19. Toby7 Says:

    Actually, after exploring the Zeros 2 Heroes site fully, I have somewhat mixed emotions. Well for one ReBoot’s coming back! At least in some way or the other. – But the’s the catch. Although the new story ideas are interesting, they really don’t feel like ReBoot. It’s like ReBoot’s going to be changed into a futuristic sci-fi adventure – which I’m really not keen on.
    Another thing I don’t really like is the character designs – so much to the point that you wouldn’t know they were the same character! For instance Bob, with a new bulk to him with long hair and a totally differenent looking face. And do we actually have to choose between already pre-set storylines? Can’t we as fans come up with our own? Or at least an idea of what we’d like to see?
    Personally I would like them to continuie where they left off with The Hunt, but that doesn’t look like the kind of direction they’re going in.
    Anyway, ReBoot’s back! So maybe I’m being too picky.

  20. GlitchBob Says:

    Well Toby7, please voice any and all opinions you have at the zeros2heroes website. That’s where they’re really listening to everyone’s comments, positive and negative. 🙂

  21. piffleprincess Says:

    I am as excited as ever to bring ReBoot back, but the main reason why I want it back is because I want the conclusion to the hunt. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen, but if Zeros 2 Heroes is seriously considering the voices of the fans, why can’t we have our voices heard? For one thing, we don’t even have a lot of the major characters, and some of them don’t even have one major character of the series! If I was watching something called “ReBoot”, and Bob’s not a part of it, why even bother watching? And no love for Matrix and AndrAIa? Those characters have the most screen time out of all season 3, and still play major roles in season 4. I’m sorry, but it’s those characters that make ReBoot, not some generic characters that I haven’t heard from them before.

    And what’s with the changes to the character personalities? Bob of all people should be a person who’s proud to be the hero of Mainframe and somewhat of a dork, traits that we have come to love Bob for. And Dot? I admit that her characterization in Season 4 was thrown down the drain, but she was a smart, spunky young woman fighting for Mainframe during Megabyte’s tenure. For the love of God please do not change them. Remember the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, fix it”.

    If they are going to create a whole new storyline, they should at least reference what happens to end “The Hunt”, like how did the Mainframers end up stopping Megabyte? Then a new virus can show up or the User does something really wonderful/awesome/stupid. Since all the people who grew up on ReBoot are already in university, I’m all for making the storyline darker, even to the point of killing off major characters.

    I really think that there should be a mass mailer for people who want their ReBoot just the way it is: NO CHANGES! A conclusion to the Hunt would be nice, but I’d settle for a new story as long as they keep the same characters!

  22. sk8tercatz Says:

    yay i cant wait till its on air again…yay!!!!

  23. Says:

    But there are so many opinions out there right now…if they do listen to us, who will they listen to? There are so many Ideas…


    I guess that’s a good thing, though. More ideas seems infinitely better than no ideas.

  24. piffleprincess Says:

    I suggested to the site
    ways to go about either making 1) The Hunt or 2) reformatting ReBoot while still keeping to established canon. Feedback would be nice.

  25. asnowyevening Says:

    I put in my two cents about the project on zeros2heroes as well. Beware, it’s long.

  26. Myra Says:

    It would be so nice if Reboot will be coming back! It doesn’t matter if they do not end the season 4 but they have to keep the same caracters… Without them it would not be Reboot!

  27. Dark_Kaomi Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to GlitchBob. We never would have gotten this chance if it weren’t for you and your dedication. So, thanks.

  28. Martire Says:

    I think they should continue with the same characters and finish season 4. If they change the characters and the story it wouldn’t be ReBoot! And Dark_Kaomi is right, thanks to GlitchBob’s help ReBoot is coming back.

  29. Megagents Says:

    I hope it doesn’t change too much and I really hope it doesn’t do anything “anime” related either.

  30. Goatmon Says:

    Ehhh I’d like to see a finale for the series, but it can’t possibly be the same now. Tony Jay, the actor who plays Megabyte, passed away a few months ago. Voices mean a great deal to me in animation, and I can’t fathom enjoying a series when the primary villain, who’s had the same voice since he was first on TV over ten years ago, has to have a new voice.

    It’d just kill it for me, I’m quite sure.

  31. mrassman Says:

    when i heard that reboot was being revived i was ecstatic. but when i heard “reimagined”, my euphoria… disapated. let’s hope the spirit of the show is kept. i’m hoping that the reinvention will be akin to what happened with beasties, which i’ll admit was well done.

  32. reboot101 Says:

    reboot101 says

    i miss reboot :*(

  33. macmcseboy Says:

    Megabyte has made a Statement, you can hear it here.

  34. down Says:


  35. Coolness Says:

    Woohoo! Coolness!

    I can’t wait. You know what I loved about the show the most, was it’s references to popular culture. That, and the amazing voice acting and smooth CGI.

  36. slyrider59 Says:

    All right its about to be 2011 so lets get the show one the road. All we need is one last move and we are good to go. what can we do to get this goin ill copy some banners for the new year and post them on facebook and myspace thats all i can do what other things can we all do. What ever it is LETS DO IT!!!


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