We have our first look at the main villain of “The Guardian Code”. Portrayed by Bob Frazer, “The Sourcerer” is a ruthless hacker who unleashes viruses on the Net in a bid to gain control of cyberspace and thus rule the world. The image was found on Vincent De Paula’s cinematography page (removed and replaced with the TGC logo as of July 2017).

The villain can be seen possibly communicating with Megabyte (is he just the Sourcerer’s lackey now?!) on a transparent screen. Megabyte’s design appears slightly similar to his web-degraded Trojan Horse design seen in Season 4.

It would seem that they’re really pushing the “ruthless hacker” angle, complete with the “hacker” wearing a black hoodie in a darkened room. You often see this type of thing when they talk about hackers on the news or commercials about identity theft. Usually these hooded figures are shown typing away on shadowy keyboards, with an overlay of binary or alphanumeric code often in an “evil” green cyber glow.

I never thought my spoofing the portrayal of a hacker in my Guardian Code rundown video would be so spot-on…

What are your thoughts on “The Sourcerer”?

June 15th, 2017 at 1:57 am
One Response to “NEW! Photo of “The Sourcerer” (Bob Frazer) and Megabyte”
  1. Kruzer Says:

    Yeah, it’s a goofy stereotype, but let’s just see how he plays it before deciding.

    That being said, with the pasty skin and red rimmed eyes, he kinda reminds me of Emperor Palpatine.

    As for Megabyte being a lackey, one thing is important to remember – users are basically gods to the cyberbeings. Even Megabyte can’t do much in the face of a god. Unless he’s just playing along until the opportunity to seize control comes along…


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