Since there are those that are looking forward to the new series (though they appear to be in the minority), regardless of how I feel towards it; it’s still my self-imposed duty to inform you that Rainmaker’s official Facebook page for the show is presently live and being updated.

At present they don’t appear to be moderating comments, which is has been a founding principle since Rainmaker joined Facebook. Moderating “unfavorable” comments, and banning users from expressing their opinions is the usual way Rainmaker handles things. So if you don’t like what TGC is, or you do… speak up on there! (Scratch that, as of August 31st, Rainmaker is deleting comments and banning users. They’ve banned me and deleted my comments after I posed a question regarding the voice actors returning and noting how most fans would prefer to see the original cast o characters, not the live-action “teens save the day” cast.)

Oh and FYI, is still showing that 404 image with Herr Doktor. You’d think they’d get that up and running by now, eh? It’s been 5 months since they had their big (disastrous) “ReBoot is back” announcement, and overall 8 months have elapsed with a domain that effectively has zero content.

August 29th, 2017 at 2:03 am


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