Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news, we now have confirmation of what month TGC will air: February. This comes from Vincent De Paula’s cinematography page (a source of “leaks”; see here and here). Worth noting is the absence of YTV, and the mention of Netflix. It’s known that YTV will carry the show in Canada, but it would appear that in the United States (and perhaps other countries) no TV network signed on to broadcast the series, so Rainmaker made a deal with Netflix instead. At present it is unknown if it will also be available on Netflix in Canada. That said, February is likely to be the month it will premiere on YTV as well. Keep checking back for further confirmation and a solid premiere date.

There’s also some irony in having to resort to Netflix for TGC. In 2015, Hefferon had said:

“For the year before I came up with what the new concept, I talked with people. I talked with broadcasters around the world. The one [resounding] thing — and I hate to break it to the fans — was nobody wanted the reboot of what [the show originally] was. Nobody was willing to buy it.”

I’ve always questioned that claim, but the obvious answer to keeping the show as it was (beyond bringing the original co-creators on board), was to go straight to Netflix if no traditional networks wanted it.

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December 1st, 2017 at 4:47 am


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