A happy belated new year to you all! On this day one year ago, the ReBoot.com website received a 404 placeholder graphic, which remains in place as of today. The copyright still denotes 2017, rather than 2018, which is a pretty good indication that it hasn’t been touched since the new year. Over the course of 2017, we had our first look at the live-action cast of both the heroes and villains for “ReBoot: The Guardian Code”, BringBackReBoot.com was scrapped after being inactive for over 3 years, information leaked. Rainmaker also surprised us by setting up an official ReBoot: TGC Facebook page, but of no surprise to anyone; swiftly began banning (in doing so deleting any record of the comments) people for “unfavorable” comments left toward TGC (important to note that the page hasn’t made a single post since August 30th 2017).

With the premiere of TGC steadily approaching, Rainmaker has not made any further promotions of their series, and it’s unknown if and/or when they’ll start showing off teasers and announce official air-dates.

Also in 2017 website domains such as:

Were registered by Wow Unlimited Media Inc. (of which Rainmaker is a subsidiary) but feature nothing more than a “This website is under development.” placeholder. When will these sites go live? Will they just redirect to ReBoot.com? When will ReBoot.com display something other than a 404 and will it even feature anything about the original series? Only time will tell.

January 5th, 2018 at 7:34 pm


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