So we’re one day away from February, yet Rainmaker hasn’t done anything on the promotional front for for “ReBoot: The Guardian Code”. It’s now 5 months since they last made a post on their TGC Facebook page and they’ve stopped responding to comments left on the few posts there. If the series premieres in February, as was presumed from Vincent De Paula’s site (though he later removed it), were they just going to sit around and do nothing to promote it (not that this is uncommon for Rainmaker, they’ve failed to keep up hype countless times)?

I may have found out why they’re still silent. Both Ty Wood (Austin/Vector on TGC) and Sydney Scotia (Tamara/Engima on TGC), recently updated their Instagram profiles with a very interesting date: March 2018

Both actors must have a reason to now add that date to their profiles. Surely they’re privy to information that the general public has yet to learn.

So what happened to February? Rainmaker might have encountered delays in post-production, or February wasn’t a solid date and De Paula really screwed up badly when he updated his site (note that none of the other titles were then edited to display “COMING ON NETFLIX FEBRUARY 2018”). Whether or not this applies to both YTV and Netflix, or if Netflix is off the table (if so, there’s been no word on what channel it’ll air on outside of Canada), is presently an unknown.

So far, my attempts to gain any information on the subject of a release date, what network beyond YTV will air it, and when we should expect to see it promoted (more than the handful of images released so far, a teaser, etc), have gone unanswered by Rainmaker.

Another Rainmaker title, “Spy Kids: Mission Critical” (another Michael Hefferon creation) was supposed to premiere in January on Netflix. With a single day left in the month, it has yet to do so. Both productions being behind in schedule wouldn’t be too surprising at this point.

Speaking of Netflix, I came across what appears to be Ty Wood’s new personal site. There’s not really much to see… but looking beneath the exterior provides some interesting finds:

Opting to use “Netflix” over “YTV” would be a curious choice if the series wasn’t planned to air on the streaming service.

I’ll continue to keep my eyes open for any and all news that comes out. If March is indeed the month TGC will premiere, one can only assume that Rainmaker will be making an official announcement sooner than later.

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January 30th, 2018 at 11:31 pm


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