The error above is what you’ll currently see when you try to go to the official ReBoot: The Guardian Code page run by Rainmaker. It was deactivated earlier on today. As none of their ReBoot websites (,, and are up, they’ve effectively killed the only source of information direct from the company. This does not bode well for an upcoming series that’s had very little promotion and is expected to (potentially) debut in a month.

It’s possible the page was deactivated to implement updates, however as of yesterday evening, the Admins of that page were caught deleting legitimate questions which asked when ReBoot: TGC would be released. The timing between the two events is clearly too closely linked to dismiss.

John Chavez posted a question on their last post and instead of responding to it, they deleted it! They also marked Ty Archer’s comment with a link to this site’s article on March as a potential release date, as spam (thus removing it from the eyes of the public).

Even Jeffrey Heilbroun’s comment was removed within minutes of being posted.

It’s been many months without any news from this official source, yet they refuse to answer any questions. However if were you sing their praises, they’d “like” your comment, as they did with Le Sheppard’s comment saying how the article restored his faith in TGC.

With such antics, it’s really no wonder why they’ve had notoriously bad PR.

You can view the discussion about this on the ReBoot Revival Facebook Group, feel free to join in!

February 1st, 2018 at 9:19 pm


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