On the “Our Studio” section of the Rainmaker website there is a video titled “Have a peek inside the studio”.

As you watch the video, it goes through shots of employees and also animation they’re working on. We see a few clips of the Game Cube teaser trailer we saw months ago.

After “Passion” comes up, there appears to be a digital character being loaded.

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Hmm… unsure right?

Look closer at the side (rotated):

Text clearly reads: “Loading Guardian”.

Thoughts on this?

I created a topic about this on the reboot.com board. Assuming Rainmaker is paying attention to that online community, perhaps if we were to all voice our opinions on there, they’ll see it (however, I won’t go as far as to say they’ll listen/it’ll affect the final outcome).

March 22nd, 2010 at 12:50 am
14 Responses to “Sneak peek of ReBoot movie Guardian?”
  1. john789 Says:

    Wow like i said on the Reboot.com post you posted……..I dont think this is a new character they will be introducing and although his hair looks sort of gold i have feeling this was a working prototype for the version of Bob. I mean is does says “Version 1.0” so i think they were just experimenting with textures and stuff when they made this model.

    Part of me likes what they showed but i sure hope this is not the final version of Bob if in fact it is a prototype. Well see. 😀

  2. KaKaVegeGurl Says:

    I think it looks more like Turbo then anything. Hopefully it’s Turbo. T__T

  3. ohwilde Says:

    I hope they keep the vintage, classic look of all the characters if they do anything. I still watch the show religiously on teletoon retro, and I don’t know what I would do otherwise.

  4. Scott_8 Says:

    The good thing is that they’re making progress. I think we all want to see a finish to ReBoot which doesn’t have Megabyte win. Though Mainframe Entertainment was aquired by Rainmaker, I don’t think it’s in their best interests to completely shift the apperance of any of the characters.
    If Rainmaker is reading this, and I think all comments should be read, please make it well and find accurate voice actor substitutes for Megabyte, Gavin and any other talent that has been lost since 9 years ago. Thankyou.

  5. Temporal Says:

    I cannot find this on the Rainmaker site. Am I just lost or something?

  6. GlitchBob Says:

    Temporal, nope you’re not lost. It, along with the Game Cube teaser, were recently removed.

  7. Seirachan Says:

    Just thought id voice my option since it’s encouraged but I am pretty late on this.
    This is a terrible look for Bob, since hes the only blue guy in all of reboot I just have to assume it’s him. His whole facile structure is completely wrong. The hair too is wrong as well. Bob doesn’t have an extremely large chin that makes him look like a sly guy flirt. Or a properly razor guarded shaved head. His face looks young like hes around 20-25 years old. This animation feels more like hes 30-40. His original silver shiny sort of Jamaica(probably got that completely wrong) look was what really defined him. It doesn’t feel wrong even though thinking back it looks kinda silly but it isn’t. I also can’t see if his eyes are brown or not, but he does have brown eyes.

    As an artist/fan I stay kind of picky with these things. Hell I can’t accept any of my drawings of Bob. Hes hard to get right.

  8. JoPro Says:

    Oh no… this? Bob? O_O

  9. Jovias Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just a thought on think ;-), but maybe ReBoot may have a comedic beginning, sort of a character setup, where the User gets to see Bob as he creates him.

    Maybe his class is Guardian, who knows right?

    Anyways, dwell on it for a little, hopefully it gets the creative juices flowing.

  10. likalaruku Says:

    No, a thousand times no. Stick with the original design we’ve all come to know & love; At least for the heads. If anything, the fact that it reminds me of both Pixar & Avatar is the biggest turnoff. The other turnoff is that Bob is supposed to be kind of androgynous like a Hindi god & this look is far too sinewy; if you stick with androgynous, you can at least lure in the anime crowd.

  11. ephmrl Says:

    So did this get shelved? I cannot find any reference at all to ReBoot on the Rainmaker site.

    But there’s this guy, who I think could very well be a ReBoot character… http://www.rainmaker.com/images/24.jpg

  12. GlitchBobGlitchBob Says:

    ephmrl, honestly? There’s been no real info at all about the future of the series, be it a movie or a TV series.

    As for that image, there’s been speculation about that character, but nothing confirmed.

  13. MegaBreath Says:

    Umm using that character style totally removes Reboot from Reboot. Like stated before the faces should stay but the body could be more modern although not so modern.

    I just about to introduce Reboot to my son, personally haven’t watched it since early 2000.

  14. Tannz0rz Says:

    Amazing! Don’t be discouraged by any critics; you guys are definitely going in the right direction. The style may be different, but I think it’s a necessity.


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