ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition is now available for Advanced Order!

From the Shout! Factory Store:

This 9-DVD set features the complete series as well as more bonus features than your CPU can process! Plus, pre-order with us and receive a limited-edition 3D lenticular postcard only available here as our free gift to you! You can see an image of it below, but of course it doesn’t do the 3D much justice. You really have to see it in person to get the full effect… and trust us, it looks fantastic!

Limited-Edition ReBoot 3D Lenticular Card

For our Canadian customers, we’re offering a special shipping rate of $9.99, but due to a glitch in our mainframe (blame Megabyte) it only applies if your order contains only ReBoot and only one copy per order. Of course, you can place as many orders as you’d like!

Welcome to Mainframe. Home to Guardian Bob, formatted to mend and defend. Join the fast-paced action and adventure as Bob and his friends — Dot, her brother Enzo and his trusty dog Frisket — fend off attacks from the viruses known as Megabyte and Hexadecimal in their relentless pursuit of chaos and the destruction of Mainframe.

Known as the very first completely computer-animated half-hour TV series, ReBoot debuted in the United States on ABC’s Saturday-morning block in 1994 and has captured the hearts and imaginations of kids and gamers ever since!

Bonus Features:

  • 20-page booklet
  • Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot
  • A Look Back at ReBoot with Co-Creator Gavin Blair
  • Original Animated Character Models
  • Commentaries featuring Producer Christopher Brough, Designer/Storyboard Artist Blair Peters, Animator/Director Zeke Norton, Michael Benyaer (“Bob”), Ian James Corlett (“Glitch Bob”) and Voice Director Michael Donovan (“Phong”/”Mike the TV”)

ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition
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It is now also possible to set an Advanced Order for the Season 1 & 2 set:

ReBoot: Seasons 1 & 2
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January 7th, 2011 at 3:47 pm
11 Responses to “ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition – Advanced Order!”
  1. Tekovince Says:

    Are there any future plans to make these on blue-ray as well? Just in case.. don’t want to buy it twice..

    Or do I?

    Either way, I don’t buy many DVD these days. Any movie worth seeing I go see whenever it’s discount day at the theaters (5$ Tuesdays!).

    But when I saw this was coming out? … SOLD !!

  2. GlitchBob Says:

    Tekovince, at present there doesn’t appear to be any plans for a future blu-ray release. I remember speaking to a former Mainframe Ent. employee about this, and it basically boiled down to the fact that IF they were to release it on blu-ray, the first two seasons would need to be redone, and that would take time… and more importantly money (this is assuming they still could find the original files and so on).

  3. LordDeraj Says:

    My question is will the Mainframe edition have all the features that the season 1&2 edition will have?

  4. GlitchBob Says:

    LordDeraj, yes it will and more!

  5. KaKaVegeGurl Says:

    Werds can not express how fast I bought the Definitive mainframe Edition. Seriously.

  6. Neochick Says:

    I went to order it, so very keen, but they cant ship to New Zealand *sad face*

  7. GlitchBob Says:

    Neochick , a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo that prevents Shout! Factory from shipping outside the US and Canada also are why they can only produce a Region 1 set.

    What to do? I have plans to set up a system where the buyer sends me the set (I am trustworthy, I’ve done this much for ReBoot, I wouldn’t betray my fellow Booters!), and I ship it anywhere in the world. At the moment,? I’m waiting on finding out how much the? Season 1 & 2 set weighs and it’s dimensions, same goes for “The Definitive Mainframe Edition”, so I can calculate shipping rates.

  8. AniDragon Says:

    So… The release date, from my understanding, was March 1st, 2011? But I still haven’t received a shipping notice or anything. Anyone else have any word on this?

  9. GlitchBob Says:

    AniDragon, the orders have been going out. Most have received the following email:

    “Dear ReBoot Fan,

    Just as we were about to ship your ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition DVD set we discovered a slight error in Disc 1. The good news is that we have moved megabytes to produce a replacement disc that corrects the error and we will be shipping the replacement disc in the same package with your DVD set. Unfortunately, this has delayed our shipping by a few days. We are doing everything possible to minimize the delay and hope to have all product shipped by the middle of this week. Please accept our apologies.

    Thanks for your purchase.

    Your friends at Shout! Factory”

    Which is the cause for the slight delay.

  10. andes3000 Says:

    Hi all.

    Just received today (march 10th) my order of ReBoot : The definitive mainframe edition. Since I live in Canada, there may have been a small delay but it came in very quick. I got an email on the 9th telling me that my order was sent on the 8th using their standard shipment method.

    Here’s what’s included: 9 DVDs in 4 double disc slimcases + 1 single disc slimcase: Season 1 & 2 on 4 DVDs and season 3 & 4 on 4 DVDs (the fourth season was the two movies Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs). The 9th disc include bonus features: Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot, Looking Back et Reboot with co-creator Gavin Blair and Animated Character Models.

    The DVDs and DVD casing artworks are superb, high quality graphics. And the quality of the DVDs themselves is near perfection (only thing that would make it perfect is if it was on blu-ray).I’m really happy with my purchase.

    There’s was also another Disc 1 from Season 1 & 2 like it was said in the email received. Here’s what’s written on the back of this DVD:

    “Dear Reboot Fan,
    This is a new and improved Disc 1 to be used to replace the DVD inside your ReBoot DVD set. The original disc contained a text and commentary error, which we have repaired in the nick of time.

    Please put this disc into your set and destroy the “old” Disc 1.
    Thanks for your purchase. Enjoy!

    Your friends at Shout! Factory”

    This is a dream come true for all ReBoot fans. You don’t have to search in your TV Guide anymore to see when it’s gonna be on. You can watch it over and over again.

    A must have for all fans…

  11. NavidD1991 Says:

    This is good news. About 5 years ago I wanted to order the entire series on DVD, and I think I found a fake site, later finding out that only the 3rd and 4th seasons are available on DVD and the legal issues behind that, but it’s good to see what’s happening. 🙂


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