So you may have read this interview, or the press release by Rainmaker on their site. However, many points were taken out of context and I spoke to Michael Hefferon for about an hour afterwards to hopefully better understand what was to take place:


The ReBoot we all know and love WON’T be tossed aside!

Major characters from “classic ReBoot” will have a presence in the new series, it won’t be just a brief cameo as the article suggested (some of the minor characters might be just cameos to deal with older tech-jargon).

He’s been re-watching the series trying to see just what works, and what they can adapt, along what wouldn’t work in today’s world.

The new series will be more in the format that Seasons 1 & 2 were, as they need to keep it in a certain demographic, and that’s more due to broadcasters looking for something that appeals to kids, rather than adults (basically you make a kid show, that has to be exclusive for kids, and and adult show is only geared toward adults). Plus apparently when the series shifted between Season 2 to 3, various broadcasters weren’t pleased with the change to more darker tones (we as fans, some of which were growing up just as the show was, may have enjoyed it, but network executives didn’t like a “kids show” going into darker territory).

The 20th anniversary is an important landmark (10 15, 20yr marks tend to help generate buzz), it will serve as both a launching point to new, as well as a gateway to try and resolve season 4’s cliffhanger in some form (which if made will be a separate entity from the new series, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a one-off thing… IF it does well enough, “classic ReBoot” may continue through the way they plan to present it).

He DOES read what we have to say, and notes that negativity and demands really aren’t conductive… but positive, engaging comments are.

It’s a fine balance between appeasing fans of old, getting networks to agree to at minimum one season but then to keep it going, and basically keeping everyone more or less happy while continuing to produce a series that they’ll get more and more orders for.

He really wants to make the new show very interactive, kids with smartphones and tablets can perhaps help the Guardians out and get points, etc… Wants to create a strong merchandise market.

Hopes to create something that the older fans with children will enjoy watching so it’ll be a family experience as has become with those fans watching re-runs with family.

During the process of creating the new series, he wants to engage old and new fans, have them input their say about what they’d like to see, and will have a dedicated site/forum for just that.

November 5th, 2013 at 9:04 pm
3 Responses to “Clarification Regarding Press Release”
  1. Adam Says:

    This is the best news we could hope for, David.

    Let’s hope this time it doesn’t suffer protracted delays.

    It’s testiment to your efforts we’ve got this far; well done my friend.

    Here’s hoping for a cliffhanger resolution before a revolution.

    Stay frosty.

  2. Tekovince Says:

    I think the whole “broadcasters weren’t pleased with the change to more darker tones” is what sucks the most. I was by all definitions very much a KID when season 3 played originally and I remember enjoying it way more than any other episodic stuff that was on at the time. When I see the shows they put on TV for kids these days I can’t help but think that a lot of people don’t give children enough credit.

    I’m keeping my hopes low for this new series (if it really does ever happen). Could it become popular? Definitelly. Will there be a few cool scenes here and there? Probably. Will a 12 year old watch it and come out of it learning that a story could develop to have way more depth than talking TVs and carrots with helmets? Unlikely.

    Hopefully I’m wrong though… Just please, don’t let it be mindless episodic stuff…

  3. KittyLOve436 Says:

    It’s not gonna be like season 3? That’s a shame. When I was 7 I didn’t find it all that offensive and I enjoyed it a lot more. Season 3 also got a greater number of viewers. ReBoot came a long way and it finally broke free from the clutches of BS&P. They could do whatever they wanted to do and I respected them for doing that. It just seems its going back broadcasting rules. Saying that there’s only a market for kids show if its more in a format like season 1 & season 2. Well, there is a ton of dark, mature shows that were made now and was intended for kids like Tron: Uprising (that’s also a rebooted series) Star Wars: Rebels and Avatar: The Legend of Korra
    As for the cliffhanger being resolved. Hefferon said “it will serve as both a launching point to the new as well as a gateway to try to resolve seasons 4 cliffhanger” what does that mean? Pleasing old and new fans? Can it really be done? I don’t think it will pick up from where it left off. I think they would just skip all of that and only be referencing what happened in previous seasons.
    We’ll see how it turns out. There’s nothing we can do at this point. It’s out of our hands. All what ‘we’ old fans can do is watch our children watch new season of ReBoot because it seems like it’s more for them than us. Just my honest opinion


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