Dot’s little brother, Enzo hero-worships Bob and intends to become a Guardian. He has a crackling, mid-pubescent voice and often uses catch-phrases such as “alphanumeric” and “high-density” in place of real-world utterances like “cool” and “awesome” to express enthusiasm. Enzo is very energetic and loves to play games like Jet Ball and Circuit Racing, and eagerly heads into the Games. Despite his youth, Enzo has proven to be extremely good at the Games and has several times been responsible for winning them.

With the destruction of the Twin City, most of Mainframe’s Sprites were nullified and Enzo grew up with few friends to play with (it is unknown why he didn’t have Binome friends; presumably they avoided him because of his father‘s supposed role in the Twin City’s destruction). His main friend growing up was Frisket until he met AndrAIa and brought her to Mainframe. The two have become inseparable since then.

When the Web invaded, Bob gave him a field rank as Guardian Cadet with the promise of sending him to the Super-Computer to be a real Guardian; when Bob was lost in the Web, Enzo found himself as the defender of Mainframe. He did well, gaining self-confidence and the approval of the populace, but eventually a Game came down he couldn’t win, leading to his development into Matrix. When Mainframe was restored at the end of Season 3, Matrix had accidentally left his icon in “Game Sprite” mode, causing the system to recognize Enzo as missing, and so created a second Enzo using the last available data on him: sometime before “Talent Night”.

The new Enzo looks up to his older self as much as he does Bob, and briefly wanted to be just like him and demanded everyone call him “Little Matrix”. When Daemon took over Mainframe, Enzo (whilst wearing a Guardian uniform of unknown origin, presumably a costume) saved the System with the help of Frisket and Hack & Slash, getting Matrix to snap out of Daemon’s infection and help disinfect others so they could fight the virus.

It’s revealed in “Talent Night” that the number on his shirt refers to his age, as written in binary notation, as it changes from “01” to “10” at the end of the episode.

If you’ve ever wondered where Enzo got his name, here’s the answer!

From ‘Hey, Joxer…’ on the old group.

Alrighty then. Risk of losing my “mythical ‘Reboot god’ status” not withstanding, here – because you demanded it – is the full and true story behind Enzo’s name:

Waaaaaaaaay back when the show was still in development, and we were all still in London, In-ger-land, Phil, Ian and I were having a creative meeting with Chris Brough, our (at that time) shiny new Reboot Producer. He was telling us that it would be important for the sale of the show to a US Network to have a ‘kid’ in it for our young audience to relate to.

Now, it has to be said we weren’t too happy about that idea. After all, we didn’t want no stoopid kid character ‘ruining’ our kick-butt, high-tech action show just to appease the networks!

But Chris was adamant; “You have to have a kid… a little ‘Enzo’ running around in there…” he said.

Well, we griped and moaned, but eventually we gave in, and Dot gained a little brother. The name Enzo stuck because it was funny, and unusual – and besides, we’d think of something better later…

The rest, as they say, is history. From the moment he was added to the show Enzo grew and grew on us. Now he’s one of our favourite characters, and one of the most fun to write for, both comedy and drama. He’s the heart of the show – and the fact that we love the little spud so much is another reason for his return at the end of Season III!

So there you go – it’s not a reference to anything, it’s not a computer term, it’s
simply the first kid’s name that popped into Chris’s head when he was telling us the show needed a kid to make a sale. (Quite possibly because it was the nickname he used to call his own son when he was young, but don’t quote me on that teeny bit of the story.)

From the moment we heard the name it it stuck, and now we couldn’t imagine Enzo being called anything else. And despite our initial reaction (which I hope doesn’t upset anyone!) we couldn’t imagine the show without him!