On May 29th, 2006 a long time fan got very tired of the lack of ReBoot over the nearly 6 years since the cliffhanger of season 4. He thought up the idea to contact the voice actors for help, which then expanded into contacting the staff. From then on the idea grew and grew. By late June, a MySpace page was created to gather fans from that online community. A month later, the group had over 200 fans to help support the cause, and later on a Facebook group was created as well. Once the word had been spread a central website was created (the very one you’re on right now).

Fans were completely in the dark about Mainframe Entertainment’s interest in continuing the series until an anonymous MFE employee stated that (un-officially) MFE was interested in making more, yet needs the funding from a network to do so.

The overall goal of this “Revival of ReBoot” is to find a television network that will fund Mainframe Entertainment in creating that long sought after ending to season 4, and possibly new episodes after that.

For this to have even the slightest chance of succeeding, we need all the fans to join up.

As of late July 2007, this site is going to be fully supporting Rainmaker and Zeros 2 Heroes, instead of mass mailing Cartoon Network, or other TV networks. This is ReBoot’s big chance to come back and we have our say in it! The Revival site will also serve as a “refresher course” for those who haven’t watched ReBoot in many years.

I’ve met with both Paul Gertz and Matt Toner, along with other representatives of Rainmaker Entertainment, and I can tell you all they are serious about doing this right. They want the fans to have their say because they want to make sure there are no disappointed fans because we’ll be telling them every step of the way what we want to see our show become!

Please register on the ReBoot.com website so you may voice your opinions and concerns.

This is the first BIG step for ReBoot! We have to give it our all. If ReBoot doesn’t turn out the way the fans want, it will be the fault of the fans for not coming together to make their voices heard!

As of 2015, Rainmaker demonstrated they do not care what fans of the original series want, and as such the Revival no longer supports Rainmamker Entertainment.

With the general plot synopsis for “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” revealed in 2017, the Revival’s goal remains drastically different than the vision Rainmaker has in twisting the IP to suit their needs.