ReBoot: The Guardian Code (Rainmaker Entertainment) presented by Michael Hefferon, follows the adventures of four typical teens whose lives are upgraded in a big way, when they discover they are next-gen Guardians – super cool heroes that stream into cyberspace so they can defend humanity from deadly computer viruses and malware.

Posted on the Canada Media Fund’s website, along side two other children’s shows, we’ve learned our very first details regarding this new ReBoot series. Keep checking in with and both it’s Twitter and Facebook group page for any and all news!

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The reimagining of the venerable ReBoot series comes just in time for the 20th anniversary of the original series.

Making its debut on television screens in 1994, ReBoot was centered on the world of Mainframe, where a guardian program sprite and his friends defended the system from superviruses bent on creating havoc and destruction.

Now, 20 years after the debut of the original series, Mainframe is teaming with writers, artists and leading computer industry experts and manufacturers, to create an all-new ReBoot universe that will provide a ground-breaking, multi-platform experience for the next generation of ReBoot fans.

Today has been a very good day for ReBoot fans! Along with an overall site redesign, they’ve added “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” to TV series currently in development. Beyond what is quoted above, and what they’ve stated in previous press-releases, nothing more is known about the series. Keep checking in with and both it’s Twitter and Facebook group page for any and all news!

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Can you believe it? 20 years have passed since ReBoot premiered back on September 10th, 1994. I vividly recall my 8yr old self sitting down that Saturday morning to see this brand new cartoon that took place inside a computer. It was love at first sight. The characters, this crazy CGI animation, the colors, computer lingo here n’ there…. it had me hooked. Bob instantly became my favorite, with his heroic actions and cool-guy demeanor. I’d continue to tune-in every weekend until ABC was bought up by Disney and ReBoot (among other non-Disney programing) was canceled. Man… that season 2 cliffhanger… I was gutted… what would happen to Bob?! Of course we all know the answer to that one now, but it would be a couple of years before Season 3 would premiere on Cartoon Network here in the States, but everything looked even more amazing by that point. I was older, the show was more mature… rekindled that love-affair I had with it in no time. Matrix became my second favorite character, his tough no-nonsense attitude appealed to my teenage self (…though I was very happy to see Bob later on!) With the end to Season 3 being pretty up-beat (dealing with the threat of Daemon aside), it seemed as if ReBoot’s story was all done. However, after a few more years progressed… Season 4 premiered and it was great to see everyone again. Thrust into the midst of the war against Daemon, it was a strong first half. I still miss Hex, and hope she’ll return one day. I know that we’re all familiar with how the second half of Season 4 went…. and that’s why this site has existed for the past 7+ years (a little more than 8 if you factor in when I began the idea to revive the series). Hopefully all the talk about the 20th anniversary being an important milestone won’t wind up as more disappointment from Rainmaker.

ReBoot was, and still is a show unique unto itself. It captured the hearts, minds, and imaginations of children, teens, and adults around the world. The fact that so many still recall their very first episode, just goes to show how fondly it still lives on within our hearts 20 years later.

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years – I feel so old!!! I’m immensely proud of what we (emphasis on the ‘we’!) did, and I’m glad we found such a passionate audience. Without you we are nothing. Thank you.

I’m also very proud of the fact that the show had such a positive effect on so many people. I never get tired – and I never will – of people telling me how the show influenced their life for the better. That’s a rare and precious thing.

Stay Frosty, my friends. Stay Frosty. ~Gavin Blair

To celebrate this special event, here in full are the very first, and presently last episodes of ReBoot!

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ReBoot’s 20th Anniversary is coming up soon! Please go to (or select from the embedded poll below) and select whether or not you’d support a ReBoot soundtrack (which might be a physical CD, or digital download).

This would be like nothing you’ve ever seen (or rather heard) before! Straight from ReBoot’s musical composer, Bob Buckley! No amaturely filtered bits of music with dialog still faintly in the background, this is straight-up recordings from the man himself!

It’s very important to see just how many folks would support this. Nothing is currently in place, this is all preliminary work. Limited editions/1st press bonus tracks could be a possibility, it all depends on if we can get the “OK” from Rainmaker AND how many of you cast your vote. The overall purpose of this poll is to gather as many votes as possible, so that I can show Rainmaker (specifically Michael Hefferon, the current President, as I’ve direct contact with him) that they should give the “OK” to the project and allow Buckley to compose it for release! I can tell Rainmaker it’ll sell many copies and is a worthwhile investment until I’m as blue in the face as Bob, but actual numbers tend to help such things succeed!

Please forward this link to your fellow fans! I’ve attempted to broaden the scope of this by submitting to both imgur and reddit! Up-voting will help this potentially reach imgur’s main page!

Thank you and stay frosty,

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Rainmaker’s twitter account has been busy during SIGGRAPH 2014! So far we’re not seeing any actual news, but ReBoot is front and center at their booth.

This post will be continuously updated with any/all news available.

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Rainmaker recently tweeted about their attendance to SIGGRAPH 2014, and that we should keep our eyes peeled for the hashtags “#ReBoot” “#BringBackReBoot”, and “#Rainmaker”.

A later tweet noted there would be limited swag at the event as well:

What does all this mean for ReBoot? Will we finally have an update on the status of the series? No one knows for sure… but I certainly hope so!

Don’t forget, you can also follow me/the ReBoot Revival on Twitter too!

Bellow, we have an exclusive look at the set of 4 post cards for the 20th Anniversary of ReBoot, designed by Jim Su! Those fortunate enough to attend this year’s show will have the chance to pick these up at the Rainmaker booth! I absolutely love them!

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On tonight’s episode of Robot Chicken (Season 7, episode 11 titled “Super Guitario Center”) there was a skit about ReBoot. Unfortunately none of the voice actors were used, despite the fact that Michael Benyaer (Bob) has done voice work on the show before. The skit deals with Mainframe’s spam filter being disabled, and Bob dealing with the incoming spam.

If you missed it, you can check it out bellow (has adult-themes, of course… it is Robot Chicken after all):

I’ve personally been waiting for the show to do a sketch for ReBoot, and I have to say this was somewhat disappointing (Bob doesn’t use Glitch?!). However it does at the very least jog people’s memories about ReBoot (I hope!), so that’s a positive. If you’d like to discuss the skit please leave a comment, or join us over on the ReBoot Revival facebook group.

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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ReBoot only at NWFF!

Calling all Sprites, Binomes, Guardians, and Viruses. Join us for an evening celebration that promises to be alpha-numeric! Bring your best cosplays, grab an energy shake, and prepare to defend the sector against the user’s onslaught of advanced 1980′s video games.

Trivia, Prizes, Guests, and Nostalgia, all taking place in convenient pub, for only 99.99.99! (or free with your NWFF pass).

Doors Open: 7:00pm
Trivia and Games: 8:00pm
Carpe Noctem Dance Rave: 10:00pm

You can find more information at the event page on facebook.

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Just as they did with Beast Wars, Shout! Factory will be releasing the sequel series: Beast Machines.

From the Shout! Factory Store:

Two Seasons In One Complete Series Set!

Transformers: Beast Wars may have come to an end, but the adventures of Optimus Primal and his team of Maximals have just begun! When the Maximals return to their home planet of Cybertron, they find that everything has changed. Cybertron seems to have been abandoned…that is, except for the Vehicon drones policing the planet! To make matters worse, the Maximals discover that they’ve been infected with a virus that threatens to wipe them out, unless they can adapt. Enter the world of the Beast Machines!

Transformers – Beast Machines: Complete Series
(Click on the above image to set your Advanced Order!)

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Here’s the Anime North 2014 ReBoot panel, attended by Michael Benyaer and Scott McNeil. Thanks to aSnowyEvening for recording it, this past May.

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