Wow Unlimited Media, of which Rainmaker is a subsidiary, released it’s third quarter financial results for this year. Among the various details listed, a premiere date for ReBoot: The Guardian Code was mentioned:

Rainmaker Studios also delivered the first 8 episodes of the series Reboot: The Guardian Code to Corus during the third quarter of 2017. The remaining 12 episodes of the series are expected to be delivered during the fourth quarter of 2017 and the series is expected to air in the first quarter of 2018.

This is certainly an interesting development, as there’s been no further promotion for the series by any official outlet. The last post by the official TGC Facebook page was made on August 30th, and of course the website still remains 404’ed (over 11 months if you’re counting). If you’re located in Canada, YTV will be the network the series will air on. So far there’s been no news about which networks will carry the show outside of Canada.

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From Animation Magazine, issue #272 (August-September 2017) comes an interview with Michael Hefferon and Steven Elford. The article, “A Whole New Game” by Tom McLean, describes how Rainmaker is utilizing the Unreal Engine to create the new series. In the article are three never before seen promotional images. Unfortunately they are not of the highest quality. If I can obtain a physical copy of the magazine, I will update this post accordingly.

(Click for full-size. Appears very Power Ranger-esque.)

(Click for full-size. The cyber world appears to resemble circuitry, a marked difference than the deception of systems as cities in the original series.)

(Click for full-size. Vector/Austin leading the team.)

(Click for full-size. Or the the “Continue Reading” link for the article in plain-text.)

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Since there are those that are looking forward to the new series (though they appear to be in the minority), regardless of how I feel towards it; it’s still my self-imposed duty to inform you that Rainmaker’s official Facebook page for the show is presently live and being updated.

At present they don’t appear to be moderating comments, which is has been a founding principle since Rainmaker joined Facebook. Moderating “unfavorable” comments, and banning users from expressing their opinions is the usual way Rainmaker handles things. So if you don’t like what TGC is, or you do… speak up on there! (Scratch that, as of August 31st, Rainmaker is deleting comments and banning users. They’ve banned me and deleted my comments after I posed a question regarding the voice actors returning and noting how most fans would prefer to see the original cast o characters, not the live-action “teens save the day” cast.)

Oh and FYI, is still showing that 404 image with Herr Doktor. You’d think they’d get that up and running by now, eh? It’s been 5 months since they had their big (disastrous) “ReBoot is back” announcement, and overall 8 months have elapsed with a domain that effectively has zero content.

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Whether you love it or hate it (and let’s be real, the majority of you hate it), production on Rainmaker’s “sequel” to ReBoot continues to progress forward.

Vincent De Paula, TGC’s cinematographer, shared these photos of various events both behind and in-front of the camera:

(click on the Instagram screenshot to see the full-size image attached to the post)

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As of July 2017, is no more. The address redirects to the STILL 404’ed was supposed to keep fans updated on the latest news, offer ReBoot merchandise, and have fun competitions. It failed on multiple levels regarding those. Between September 2013 and February 2014, there were only seven updates posted, mostly regarding t-shirts. The quiet closure of the site is important for main reasons, but the most important one is the simple fact that they would rather sweep the failure of a site under the digital rug than put forth effort to actively do something with it.

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We have our first look at the main villain of “The Guardian Code”. Portrayed by Bob Frazer, “The Sourcerer” is a ruthless hacker who unleashes viruses on the Net in a bid to gain control of cyberspace and thus rule the world. The image was found on Vincent De Paula’s cinematography page (removed and replaced with the TGC logo as of July 2017).

The villain can be seen possibly communicating with Megabyte (is he just the Sourcerer’s lackey now?!) on a transparent screen. Megabyte’s design appears slightly similar to his web-degraded Trojan Horse design seen in Season 4.

It would seem that they’re really pushing the “ruthless hacker” angle, complete with the “hacker” wearing a black hoodie in a darkened room. You often see this type of thing when they talk about hackers on the news or commercials about identity theft. Usually these hooded figures are shown typing away on shadowy keyboards, with an overlay of binary or alphanumeric code often in an “evil” green cyber glow.

I never thought my spoofing the portrayal of a hacker in my Guardian Code rundown video would be so spot-on…

What are your thoughts on “The Sourcerer”?

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So here we are fellow Users, it’s been a while but there’s news. Both YTV and Corus Entertainment released teaser images of “The Guardian Code”.

From YTV’s Twitter came this tweet showcasing the live-action side of TGC:

From left to right: Tamra (Sydney Scotia), Parker (Ajay Parikh-Friese), V.E.R.A (Hannah Vandenbygaart), Austin (Ty Wood), Trey (Gabriel Darku)

(Click to view in 4K resolution)

Fans reacted extremely negatively:

Previous Image
Next Image

info heading

info content

The sheer number of replies is quite unprecedented. YTV’s tweets rarely get more than a handful of replies and they generally aren’t negative. One must presume that someone took note of the 500+ negative replies.

Many made comparisons to previous shows such as VR Troopers, SuperHuman Samurai Syber-Squad, Zixx (with CGI in “Level Two” produced by Mainframe Ent), Code Lyoko (and it’s sequel Code Lyoko: Evolution which replaced the 2D segments with live-action), and of course the movie Tron.

Similarly, from Corus Entertainment we had a press release showcasing the CGI aspect:

[The teens as Vector, Googz, Enigma, and D-Frag]

(Click to view in 4K resolution)

Corus’ press release also had more information (though we’ve mostly heard it before, however there’s a premiere date) beyond the teaser image:

WOW! Unlimited Media’s Mainframe Studios and Corus Entertainment are pleased to announce that production is underway in Victoria/Vancouver, B.C. on the live-action elements of ReBoot: The Guardian Code, a 20×22 minute live-action/CG-animated hybrid television series. This next phase of production reimagines the original 1994 animated classic, ReBoot, in a real life setting for modern, tech savvy audiences. Created by Michael Hefferon, the show follows four teenagers who discover that they’ve been selected to become the Next-Generation Guardians of cyberspace. ReBoot: The Guardian Code will premiere in Canada in 2018 on YTV.

After playing the multiplayer Cyber Guardians video game together, four teenagers are recruited by V.E.R.A (Hannah Vandenbygaart, Bruno & Boots: Go Jump in the Pool!), the Virtual Evolutionary Recombinant Avatar, to fulfill their mandate to mend and defend cyberspace. Austin (Ty Wood, The Haunting in Connecticut), Tamra (Sydney Scotia, Some Assembly Required), Parker (Ajay Parikh-Friese, Mr. Young), and Trey (Gabriel Darku, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments) now must protect cyberspace from threats that pose true consequences to both the virtual and real world. It’s more than these kids expected when they started at Alan Turing High. Way more.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code intercuts live-action scenes with awe-inspiring CG animation produced with the Unreal game engine, showing how the real world and cyberspace are interconnected. “The power of the game engine’s capabilities to create vast cyberspace settings along with AI (Artificial Intelligence) for dynamic secondary animation fused with live action, will deliver a truly unique and engaging experience for viewers”, says Creator and Executive Producer Michael Hefferon. “As groundbreaking as the original ReBoot was being the first ever CG animated series, ReBoot: The Guardian Code takes it to a whole new level.”

This innovative series will also deliver true 360-degree engagement experiences for audiences with interactive mobile games, a digital trading card game that syncs with the broadcast of the series, and a Virtual Reality experience that puts fans right in the middle of the cyberspace action. More details to be announced at a later date.

Aside from those two images, I was able to find two additional promotional photos on the Corus’ server (Mouse would be proud!). No one outside of those involved with the production have seen these… until now. Take a look at a ReBoot Revival exclusive:

(Click to view in 1080p resolution)

In the first image, we see Austin (as Vector) fighting an insect of some sort. The last (and also first) time we saw an insect virus was the Praying Mantis Virus in the episode “Icons“. His HUD (Head-up display) bares an uncanny resemblance to that seen in the Iron Man movies produced by Marvel:

(Click to view in 4K resolution)

In the second image, we see the four teens standing in a device of some sort. Behind them are their digital avatars. The device appears to be a combination of half of a Stargate (from the Stargate franchise) and a Transporter Pad from Star Trek. Going on some speculation, the device may be a Gateway Command (first seen in the episode “When Games Collide“, which design and function are a homage to the Stargate device). There is certainly some potential that this device will function in a similar manner to the Scanners used in the Code Lyoko series. The Scanners use a “Virtualization” sequence which converts the protagonists of that series, from physical matter into digital matter. They are then transmitted to the Super-Computer, which contains the virtual world of Lyoko.

As always the ReBoot Revival will continue to strive toward the revival (not the reboot or re-imagining) of the series with the original co-creators (who still have absolutely no part in this “sequel” series) producing the conclusion to the fourth season’s cliffhanger. However since how well or not this new series does in ratings, with TV critics, network executives, and most importantly both it’s target audience and fans of the original ReBoot, news reports will be made as time goes on. It is worth noting that despite such a momentous reveal, the official website is still loading a 404 Error (which reported 3 months ago).

What are your thoughts on this reveal? Sound off in the comment section (click here to register), leave a reply on YTV’s tweet, and please take a moment to vote on the poll below:

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February 28th 2014, a little over three years ago… That’s the last time a post was made on Despite the following statement: “Check back often for the latest data on the net.” at the top of the page, there was never an update posted for “The Guardian Code”. Similarly, even though the page says that “Here you will find ReBoot news, ReBoot merchandise and competitions.”, there were never any competitions, and the only merchandise consisted of a limited selection of shirts, coffee mugs, and buttons.

The abandonment of this website should come as no surprise. Up until this past January, was left to wither into a digital wasteland, populated by spambots. In the 4 and a half years the site was left to die, the web-comic stopped loading, glitches occurred, links failed to direct to their intended target, and of course no mention of “The Guardian Code” was ever made.

As was the case with both sites, you were able to register your email for a newsletter….yet the newsletter never came.

Hopefully, despite 2 months elapsing since received an updated 404 page and nothing more, there are plans to have an active website that won’t be left in the digital dust.

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Just days after the official ReBoot website returned online with a simple 404 error, an updated 404 page currently greets visitors.

If one clicks the “info” button, a simple “Currently ReBooting the ReBoot website, please check back later.” message is present. However the loading graphic utilizes hexagons, a shape used abundantly in “The Guardian Code” DCCG prototype demo (click here for a screenshot) and the logo for “The Guardian Code”.


Rainmaker (which was recently rebranded as “Wow Unlimited Media Inc.” after acquisition of Frederator Networks) has not made any comment on the site’s downtime.

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After the official ReBoot website was entirely offline for three weeks, a simple 404 page presently greets visitors. This is perhaps an “improvement” over a completely dead website.

Neither Rainmaker or Z2H have commented on the site’s downtime.

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